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25 November, 2010 13:14

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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17 November, 2010 18:00

Chp 1 gone away in Damians pov is out! No link sorry:-( using txt msg instead. Cya in 2 weeks for Drake’s pov!

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Chapter Releases

Here’s the 411 about the Phone Novel. I’ll be more active on this story now since I’m pretty much free most of the time and since I can now contact Aira more often than before.

I’ll be taking over some of the editing and proofreading before the release and Aira will remain the story writer.

I’m doing this only because it’s been labeled as a TK production. It wouldn’t be a TK production if it was just her, right? That’s all I wanted to say. Next Chp should be coming out: Monday, October 22.

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Phone Novel Chapter Teaser Release

There’s really nothing I can quote due to the fact that it’s a teaser, but check out the teaser at to find out a little bit about Landon.

A/N: Expect Landon’s part 1 of Chp 1 this week!!! Also I’ll be posting up Extra stuff more often- look forward to the updates that I’m hoping I’ll be able to do.

If you didn’t know: Incomprehensible Light is not about just loving someone or feeling that it’s always going to be unrequited. There’s going to be a lot more heart breaks, smiles, and developments you just won’t want to miss. Another thing, if you’re interested in knowing who the characters are in this story, I will be posting up a character description list on by this Friday. Get to know who the three people.

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Phone Novel OUT!

Incomprehensible Light

Chapter 1

Part 1 Gone Away [Rheanne]

A hot summer day. That’s what it was, with me letting time tick away as I think. What is it that has to be done? Where should I go? The end has already reached us and yet I’m still here… waiting. Here I am thinking about possibilities when there isn’t even a chance that a possibility could happen. Every deep sigh that’s been released this morning is because of the inevitability that nothing could ever happen. This is it. The end, so why I can’t move on?

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A terrible fate has finally landed on our feet. The files have been terminated by some freak events and until we can find a professional to find it in our computer system, the stories will be postponed for now or maybe forever. I apologize to those who were waiting for some chapters and or awaiting the stories.

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Lost – Aira Isane

I pretty much suck at keeping up with things online and things offline. How many times have I apologized for not being able to update at a reasonable rate? I don’t have a good grip when it comes to things I like and I know I’ve promised a million times that I would put up stuff but gee, we just never get the chance to do it. I’m not cut out for these kinds of things anymore but I’ve found that writing is very soothing again. I’ll most likely post some random stuff here but I hope you guys keep reading. There’s a lot of things I want to try this summer and most of that involves my love for writing. Look forward? Well, not too much. I wouldn’t want to break your heart.

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UP UP!!! New Update – Takeshi

So, I’ve uploaded the story I am really proud of.

Check out a small clue to what the story will be about:

And out the story here:
Part 1 – Radiance

Support Me please. :]

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redirect – takeshi

Here is what Tsubasa Koteisen is recently working on… Sun Lit Room.

It’s a new story I am currently focusing on. That’s basically all I have to say. Check it out. Chapter 1 releases on April 12, 10:00pm.

Thanks for the support!

Here’s an update for those of you who want to know.

This is what’s currently up with us and again, our lack of updates.

Aira is currently updating the writing for Lullaby and the first book Serenade so that she can post up 5 chapters by the end of the month or so.

Ryousuke is off finishing his last year in his internship.

Rikku, well, she has a boyfriend now and she wants to have some time off away from editing and such.

Kyousuke is editing his story and planning on posting a chapter or two by the end of the month.

Ina our main non-official editor is currently off on a personal vacation.

Katie is busy with babysitting in my stead.

I am off writing whatever I want and just being free from every thing else, hence the new story :). Though I did rip the characters from Aira, who decided not to write about them anymore.

I hope you guys stay as our readers. We love you and appreciate your support form us.

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UPDATE 2 – Katie and Ryousuke

We only decided to release one story today from the One Shot category.

  1. Tear Drops; Snotty Girl by Himitsu [First Part]

For Thursday, we’ve decided to postpone publishing Hanabi because Aira wishes to fix them up since their quality doesn’t suit her. Instead we’ll post up the script we had for it and also, possibly, the other steps we had to take to create the manga. Maybe.

Thanks You

Here’s the update on the readers:


based on people: 52
today: views – 1 people – 1 refer – 0

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